Julia Vysotska

Шахматная композиция - 2013, No.113, G28
FEF: *5PY8CBLj4A0sLMidbeFa8pf6s4esOlt9U
2 solutions
Vao c1; Nao d1; Pao a1
Popeye Windows-32Bit v4.61 (1025 MB)

  1.NAd1-b2 nPe2-e1=nVA   2.nVAe1-d2 e4-e3   3.NAb2-f4 + nVAd2*f4 #
  1.VAc1-b2 nPe2-e1=nNA   2.nNAe1-f3 nNAf3-d2   3.VAb2-f6 + nNAd2*f6 #


Creation of a special Dentist-mechanism on the 2nd horizontal using neutral promotions. White thematic pieces VAc1/NAd1 realize an additional Bivalve theme in their play.
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Julia Vysotska