Julia Vysotska

The 14th SABRA, WCCC2011
FEN: B4r1b/8/3KbBp1/8/R1Nn2N1/6kp/2pp4/r2q4
FEF: *2ZRGpvd0mcQa9i1T1V5D3h2oGHqlM
2 solutions
White Kd6 Ra4 Ba8 Sc4 Bf6 Sg4
Black Kg3 Ra1 pc2 Qd1 pd2 Sd4 Be6 Rf8 pg6 ph3 Bh6

The solution:

1) 1.Sd4-f3 Sc4-e3 (1...Sxd2?)   2.Sf3-e1 Se3-f1 # 
2) 1.Be6*c4 Bf6*d4   2.Bc4-f7 Bd4-f2 # 

ANI-problem: 2 solutions with anti-identical 
contents in thematic attitude; 
Both Knights (Sc4/Sd4) which are captured 
in the first phase, make all half-moves in the 
second phase; annihilation captures on c4/d4;
Bivalve-theme, realized from Be6/Sd4;
a try with S-self-pin in the first solution;
an additional line-opening for Rf8 executed 
by the wBf6 in the second solution.

Entered by:
Julia Vysotska