Julia Vysotska, Petko Petkov

Julia'sFairies - 2012, No.24
FEF: *4daJJjwvBOUcvGmVFpXKb10fnlcjw
2 solutions
Grasshopper d1; Nightrider f1
I.   1...Ra1-a2   2.Gd1-f3 e2*f1=N   3.Gf3-d5 + Nf1*d5 # 
II.  1...Rg1-g2   2.Nf1-g3 e2*d1=G   3.Ng3-h5 + Gd1*h5 # 

Unpin of white G and N, which makes surprising tempo-moves.Realizing this unpins, the black Rooks demonstrate also ambush- moves with a goal -  control on f2/d2.  Creation of black batteries through reciprocal under-promotions into G and N. 
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Julia Vysotska