Julia Vysotska

feenschach - 2012, 193 - Mai-Juni 2012, #10539
FEF: *2Ob8oPoudSYDsn23qLyZlw2Xw
2 solutions
Nao h7; Leo h4

1.Rf2  Kg4 (not Kg5?) 2.nNAe1 nLE×e1‡
1.Bd5 Kg5 (not Kg4?) 2.nLEb4  nNA×b4‡

Masked neutral half-battery play,
created by pieces nLEh4, nNAh7, NRh8 
and Kh5 (as masked white piece);

Line opening for the move of Leo/Nao
with the simultaneous line opening
for the capture with Nao/Leo
on the black's first move;

Bi-valve and dual avoidance 
on the white's first move;

Reciprocal Zilahi in play of thematic
Neutral pieces combined with "Cannibal" theme.

Entered by:
Julia Vysotska