Julia Vysotska

PROBLEEMBLAD -2012 , Nr.3 (Jul-Sep-2012), F911
FEF: *36dGXijbhBgQe4Wuqdjy7SDh52NCVgY4s
2 solutions
Lion b1, d1; Moa c5; Mao f4; Locust c3
I.  1.Sc2-b4 nLc3*b4-a5   2.Sd2-c4 nMOc5-d3 # 
II. 1.Sd2-f3 nLc3*f3-g3   2.Sc2-e3 nMAf4-d3 # 

Line opening for the white Lion and 
sacrifice of the black S for the neutral Locust's move 
on the black's 1st move (S).

Neutral battery creation Lo-MAO/MOA 
on the white's 1st move (Lo).

Bi-valve realized on the black's 2nd move (S):
- line opening for the second white Lion
- line closing for the the neutral Moa/Mao 
on the mating move.

Battery play and inclusion of the both Lions
on the white's 2nd - mating moves (nMoa/nMao).
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Julia Vysotska