Julia Vysotska

KoBulChess TT 2012, AWARD-April-2012
1st hon.men.
FEN: 8/2n5/R6K/1B6/8/1k6/8/8
FEF: *5xVjQjQVmy
2 solutions
KoBul Kings
(I)  1.Sxa6(wK=rR)! Bd3  2.Ka3  rRxa6 (bK=rS)# 
(II) 1.Sxb5(wK=rB)! rBe3 2.Sa3!  Rxa3 (bK=rS)# 

Thematic complex:
Activity of both Kobul Kings:
- the phases of white King are changed with the
Captures of white R and B;
- the phases of black King are changed with the
passive  and active sacrifices of black S.
5-men problem - Aristocrat with ideal mates.
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Julia Vysotska