Julia Vysotska

KoBulChess - TT - 2012, AWARD-April-2012
2nd Prize
FEF: *zLGwZrNvBwhrnsZxpysV9e4
2 solutions
KoBul Kings
Grasshopper d3; Leo c1
(I) 1.Qd4 cxd4 [wrK=rQ]  2.rQd1 LEd2  3.Gd5 + LExd5 [wrQ=rG] # - not 4.rGxd5(bK= brLE)?? - self-check!!

(II)1.Qb3 cxb3 [wrK=rQ]  2.rQg3 LEe3  3.Ga3 + LExa3 [wrQ=rG] # - not 4.rGxa3(bK= brLE)?? - self-check!!

Thematic complex

Realization of the KoBul fairy condition
with activity of the both KoBul Kings:

- Active phase of the white KoBul King after 
sacrifice of the white Q - transformation to 
the Royal Q, which moves to the mating positions.

- Passive phase of the white Kobul King on the
mating move - transformation to the Royal G,
which has no possible moves to avoid the mate.

- Passive phase of the black KoBul King - 
the only possible defense of the white King 
(in the Royal G phase) - capture of the mating
piece (bLE) - falls because it transforms the 
black King into Royal LE piece giving the self-check.

Double Ambush - black (Le) + white (rQ);
Bristol theme - wG opens lines for the second moves of bLE;
ODT; Model mates.
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