Julia Vysotska

JuliasFairies-2012, No.1
FEF: *2qEcCJnyxdNpt77tg
KoBul Kings
Royal Knight e2
Royal Piece Se2

1...  ...  2.Sf7  f5   3.Bf4 rSxf4 [brK=rB] # 
- not 4.rBxf3(wrS=wK)?? - self-check!!

1...rSd4   2.Sg4 rSf5  3.Bf6 fxg4 [brK=rS] # 
- not 4.rSxf4(wrS=wK)?? - self-check!!

The black King in the rB/rS phases can't 
capture the white pawns f3/f4 because it
transforms white rS into the King phase
giving the self-check.
Sacrifices of the black S/B with the transformation 
of the black King.

Entered by:
Julia Vysotska