Julia Vysotska

Julia'sFairies - 2012, No.5
FEF: *duGpjDZzVo4jIKsG57iTkXpsdYe
b) pc5->d6
Rook Locust h2; Bishop Locust d1
a) 1.nRL×d2-c2 nRL×c5-c6 2.nBL×b3-a4 nRL×e6-f6#
b) 1.nBL×g4-h5 nBL×g6-f7 2.nRL×h6-h7 nBL×e6-d5#

Creation of reciprocal batteries nRL/nBL and nBL/nRL. The neutral Locust can’t go back to the battery-line because of its nature – it has no hurdle anymore after the 2nd move. My idea was to demonstrate this theme, showing maximal activity of the both neutral Locusts which make all possible 4 half-moves in each solution. 
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Julia Vysotska