Julia Vysotska

The Macedonian Problemist - 2012, No.37 (Jan-Apr), #1215
Dedicated to Petko Petkov - 70
FEF: *2hSb4poJYv6a9QcewJfepfd8B2cc4
b) +wSd1
Locust e1; Nightrider f7
a) 1...Bh5-e2   2.Bd1-b3 Be2-f1   3.Le1*f1-g1 Nf7-c1   
4.Lg1*g5-g6 + Nc1-d3 #

b) 1...Nf7-b5   2.Sd1-b2 Nb5-d1   3.Le1*d1-c1 Bh5-d1   4.Lc1*c5-c6 + Bd1-f3 # 

Locust in Dentist theme.
White B/S opens the battery-line with the first move.
Black masked-battery creation.
Exchange of functions of the black pieces N/B:
- Sacrifice of black with the Locust move along the pin-line.
- The defense of black from Locust  - a block of King's opposite square - uses a special nature of Locust piece.
Double-check mate.

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