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Julia'sFairies - 2012, No.28
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FEN: 2k1b3/R1Pp1Np1/r5N1/7K/6PB/8/8/5r2
FEF: *8hvAc6IdZsvmtin2TlSJs8
Popeye Linux-2.6.31-22-server-unknown-64Bit v4.59 (1024 MB)

  1...Ra6-a5 +   2.Sf7-g5 Rf1-f7   3.Sg6-e7 + Rf7*e7 # 

  1.Bh4-g5 Rf1-h1 +   2.Sg6-h4 Ra6-g6   3.Sf7-d6 + Rg6*d6 # 

solution finished. Time = 5.030 s

1... Rxf7? 2.Se7+ Rxe7+ 3.Kg5!
1.Bg5 Rxg6? 2.Sd6+ Rxd6+ 3.Kh4!

Dentist-theme with preliminary line openings by the both white S. Umnov-theme: the black Rooks occupy the squares left by the white Ss. Self-pins of white Ss. Interchange of function between two duos of pieces:  black Ra6/Rf1 and white Sf7/Sg6. Key move,  which de-blocks a square and blocks other square.
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