Julia Vysotska, Petko Petkov

Julia'sFairies - 2012, No.29.1
FEF: *J9TzTsJ6S7hTRngXahPlkAPJHw9LGi
2 solutions
Nightrider d1; Leo g1
1.Sa6 +! Kd7   2.Qf8 LEh2! (2...LENg2?)   3.Na7 d1=N   4.Bb5 + Nxb5 #

1.Sc6 +! Kf7   2.Qh8 LEg2! (2.LEh2?)  3.Ba6 f1=B   4.Nb5 + Bxb5 #

         Themes:  Masced white Dentist  combined with Umnov-theme + Bivalve, double unpin of white N and B, ambush moves of LEg1 which forces control over 2nd horizontal and  determines Bivalve-theme  in play of black Pawns. Anti-dual moves by LEg1, critical moves by unpined white N and B.  An interesting play demonstrates white S/Q battery - after moves of forward piece Sb8 and the black King we have double line-opening for the whiteQueen! 
Entered by:
Julia Vysotska