Julia Vysotska

VARIANTIM - 2012, No.57 (Aug-2012), #2265
3rd HM
FEF: *hJbwi2nEKBwWSorwkJ054kt2hSJBwci
2 solutions
Nightrider e7, e1; Locust a7
I.  1.Ra2 nLxa2-a1   2.nNg5 nNa2 +   3.Ka5 nNxc6 # 
II.  1.Rf2 nLxf2-g1   2.nNc8 nNf2   3.Kc5 nNxd3 # 

Specific Indian theme with Locust and sacrifices of the black Rooк on the critical squares. Self-pins of neutral Nightriders as forward battery-pieces. Interchange of functions between neutral Ns.
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Julia Vysotska