Better support for fairies

Now you can input and test any fairy condition that popeye supports. Neutral pieces are added too. List of individual fairy pieces is growing, I add them by request.

Now at

We are using this new domain for Ankona system (you already know it if you are reading this, of course).

Fairy pieces

We have added support for (very few) fairy pieces. They can be entered in the “White” and “Black” fields alongside their orthodox counterparts, using their (mostly) popeye codes. More about notation here.

Petko Petkov, 4th HM SU+SS 1989

h#2 2.1;1.1

New issue tracking system

We now use GitHub for issue tracking. Please open issues and comment here.

You will need a free GitHub account for that.

I have given the system code name “Ankona” to honor the Congress in Italy where it was first presented to wider audience (n.b. the spelling).

— Iļja Ketris